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parenting tips

How can parents get more with new born?

How to take care of a new born baby? Feed breast milk in bottles. Eat healthy snacks at midnight. Take turns sleeping. Sleep when your infant does. Rocking a cradle. Mama’s workdays and dada’s weekends. Early co-sleeping. Swap out waking nights.

Pregnancy and childbirth

How Can I Help My Wife During Pregnancy?

What a pregnant woman needs from her husband? Emotional support plays a crucial role for a pregnant woman during pregnancy and husband has a major role in bringing down the anxiety of his wife during pregnancy for the betterment of her health and baby in the womb.

Pregnancy and childbirth

Do Parents Cry When Their Baby Is Born?

How do parents feel when their baby is born? Parents go through various emotions which are reflections of their joy and blissfulness when their baby is born which are priceless. One experience of a father who’s emotions are captured when his baby is born.

pregnancy and childbirth

How Can I Keep My Baby Happy In The Womb?

What baby enjoy most in their mother’s womb? 1.Baby like all sweet stuff. 2.Baby feel warm and comfortable when her mother take bath. 3.When her mother gently touches her belly. 4.Baby would love to listen to her mother’s voice. 5.Baby loves soft and enjoyable music. 6.Baby enjoy mother’s laughter.    

Natural remedies

What Household Products Are Most Toxic?

Toxins at home 1. Mercury 2. Air fresheners 3. Scented candles 4. Conventional laundry detergents 5. Fabric softener 6. Perfume, cologne and aftershave 7. Gasoline 8. Chemical fertilizers 9. Lawn treatments 10. Radiation FREE e-Book on how to cure cold and flu effectively at home. Download link in the below: Home-Cold-Flu-Remedy