20 Human Psychological Facts That Can Make Your Life Easier

Psychological facts about personality and human behavior

Tip – Try to have eye contact with her she will think of you as more confident man.

2. Cuddling is the best way to relieve stress and anxiety as well as it strength your immune system too.


Tip – Frequent hugs with your lover strengthen bond between both of you.

3. In Every 6 Months Human body cells almost convert to a new one than older one because it keeps regenerating itself. So Every 6 month later you becomes a new you.

4. Not expressing your goals in front of others is actually good habit if you really want to achieve them

5. 80% of people (including me :P) blindly believe on a popular brand product even if it has lesser quality/features as compared to lesser known brand with greater quality product.

Last year, Me and my cousin purchased earphones online. I purchased a sony wireless earphones worth around Rs. 9000 and she purchased an unknown brand Ravtek Extreme this having more features than sony’s one and 1/3rd of price. After 7–8 months use, my earphones almost degraded and became a scrap while its been 1 year+ my cousin’s earphone still working good.

Lesson learned : expensive and big brand name not always superior

6. The type of music you listen to affects the way you perceive the world

Tip – Don’t listen to sad songs it would make you more sad and dull. Instead listen to good energetic songs that can make you feel more happening.

7. If a girl likes you, she will be playing with her hairs when you are around


8. The person who feels lonely from inside generally tends to laugh more in public.

9. Best trick to get inner things of other person is just say him related things(secrets) of yours.chances are she would easily tell you her things.

My own experience, few months back my younger sister started being very silent and depressed and she wasn’t revealing what happened to her even after asked multiple times by my father and mom as well as me too.

Somehow I sensed it might be due to her breakup or something so I created a fake story about my breakup and my boy friend, I made her feel like I am sharing a secret with her.

Gradually she revealed whatever she was going through.

I helped her to get out of from that situation and made her happy in some days.

10. Dreams are actually conversation between you and your subconscious mind.

11. Hugs that last over 20 seconds releases a chemical in your brain which make you trust more that person.

12. Psychology says the deeper your feelings, the harder they are to express.

13. People generally behave more honestly when they are tired.

Tip – If you want to say someone truth about something you should talk in Late night chances are he will say truth.

14. Greeting message from other person always make you happy and make you feel good about that person

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