Best Solution for Stress

Stress Impact

Most of us start getting worked up from the time we get up in the morning, thinking about how to handle the day, what to communicate in the office, what to communicate with our loved ones, handling home budgets,etc…
Few get into some form of workout either at home or going to gym and within few minutes of workouts they are more relaxed, get more ideas to handle the day which in turn results in better productivity without stressing out.

In USA alone more than 85 of the population are stressed, nearly 48% under medication for depression state. Everybody is getting stressed out even for small issues thanks to TV, Newspaper, social media.
Stress besides, messing up with our mind, messes with our waistline thanks to production of hormone Cortisol when our mind is going on overdrive with all the psychological dramas.
If we don’t take charge of our mind, stress is inevitable, which will result in increased Cortisol level in the process, fat will get accumulated in our body.
Stress is not just accumulation of fat around the belly. Stress creates havoc to our health with chronic illness. Depression, diabetes, heart ailments and cancer problems are the drawback of stress factors. For past 5 to 10 years cancer cases has gone up thanks to high factor of stress.
Since, stress is friction between body and mind it puts considerable pressure on to our blood regulations in turn on to our heart rate. Stress will not allows us to keep our mind calm and relaxed which results in our energy going down.
Effective antidote for stress is exercise which pumps Endorphin from our body system, which makes our body and mind to relax in turn helps to handle any situations better.

Power of Exercise to control Stress

Women are the most affected by the stress factor than men which results in depression, auto-immune ailments, because of considerable hormonal changes which affects them.
At the same time women can bounce back faster from depression comparing to men based on their menstrual cycle working on their emotions which can regulate their stress level faster during their ovulation period.People who have taken up regular exercise were able to bring down their stress level faster than people who have taken up medication to control stress. Medication ultimately leads to more complications in the long run.
People who were diagnosed with depression and took up regular fitness regimen significantly improved their health and came out of depression faster, say in a span of 4 to 5 months time. Effects of regular exercise is long lasting both on our mind and body than medication.

Real Stress Solution

Exercises rewire our mind faster as the endorphin in our body gets activated and relaxes us. When we regularly get into exercise regimen the bloods are pumped into the heart which translates into more oxygen to our body.
When the oxygen flows throw our system it gives better nourishment to our mind which activates our mind better in turn results in better productivity. Even when we age when we are regular with our exercise our mind will be active without destroying our cells.
But if you let it go and become lethargic the cells will shrink and mind will fall apart with all kinds of neural disorders playing havoc in our body.
Even when one fall short of studies or work related projects or communicating with our loved ones, we won’t get stressed up and get into all psychological dramas when we are into regular exercises as we can bounce back faster to normal without damaging our health, by being calm.
When we are consistent with our exercise, our anxiety level drops, bringing down the stress level and keeps all the hormonal imbalance to normal.  Most important factor from exercise regimen is we know, we can take charge of our mind.
When we take charge of our body and mind, we take charge of our life.

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