Drop 10% body fat in 4 weeks( Krish story of losing 112 pounds)

Drop 10% Body Fat in 4 weeks

I met my cousin three years back for a function. He was trying to avoid me knowing I will scold for the shape he was in. He was overweight (Ok…he was obese). He knew that I have been into fitness and being healthy eating for more than 30 years.

I didn’t say anything to him, just smiled at him and left it at that. That might have broken the ice and he asked me after sometime how he can reduce weight without getting worked up, at the same time consistently being healthy.

From my experience I outlined few steps he can implement which can produce results.

First, I told him to join a gym which is either closer to his home or office.

Most important, I told him not to over workout for at least 60 days, which most of the trainers don’t suggest. Take only baby steps initially.

Most important workout only thrice a day initially until he gets into momentum. After that he can increase it to 5 days a week.

I told him to carry a small note pad in his pocket to jot down whatever he eats everyday even if he eats just a couple of chip pieces.

This process would help him to pay attention to whatever he puts into his mouth and make him conscious of what he is doing.

I told him to throw away all the junk foods from his fridge and shelves even it meant for kids. No excuses. Take it from me even the kids doesn’t require any junk food.

I told him to cut down on all kinds of sweets slowly in a span of 2 months and totally cut it off after that. Whenever he has sweet craving he can replace eating fruits like pomegranate, strawberry, banana.

Instead of munching chips replace it with carrots.

Weekends he should involve with some kinds of sports like swimming, tennis, basketball or whatever he fancy along with his family.

Once a month go out with his family for a trekking or join a trekking club.

Most important, as soon he gets up, to do meditation for 10 minutes every day just to observe his own breathing which will give him more clarity and motivation.

I told him that investing on him is the highest investment he will be making in his life. He was into equity management business.

After that I never happened to meet him for all most 3 years since he was living in London.

Just last week I met him for one of our cousin’s wedding and I was shocked, at the same time very happy to see him looking much younger, fitter with full of smile and when he saw me came running and hugged me.

That hug conveyed all the answers I wanted.

He told me that he has literally followed my tips to the ‘T’ and he has reduced almost 112 pounds in 3 years. He also informed me that he has more energy now his is thriving.

Most important his family life has improved considerably. His kids are active into lots of sports and all of them have joined Kravmaga Martial arts training including his wife and without fail every weekend they are going for their training. They are also planning to take up advance training in USA for a month, shortly.

Weight loss journey and being fit is not something happens overnight. It involves consistency in improving oneself every day.

Of course, it would be the best investment you will make for more joyful life.

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