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Effective Solution to Make Child Behind You Stop Kicking Your Seat


This actually happened to me, but it was an airplane.

The plane was full, VERY full. We were crammed in like cattle. (Thank you, Frontier Airlines.)

I was sitting in the window seat.

I was hoping that the flight would be a smooth one.

Any jiggle of the 18 levels of hardware, in my back, neck and pelvis was excruciating.

There was a boy, sitting behind me, engrossed in a video game, mindlessly kicking my seat.

You know that automatic rhythm of the foot swinging and connecting.


I turned around in my seat.

I addressed the kid (about eight years old).

“Please stop kicking my seat. That really hurts,” I said pleasantly.

His mother jumped to her feet.

“What did you say to my son?”

“I asked him, politely, not to kick my seat.”

“He’s a kid.”

“Yes, I can see that.”

She turned to her child.

“I know you can’t be perfect, but if it’s OK with you, do your very best not to kick the lady. Okay?” she crooned.

The kid did not look up from his video game or react in any way.

“Okay?”, she pleaded

No response.

She rolled her eyes and sat down.


My husband was sitting next to me. He had a look on his face like, “Maureen, don’t start.”

(He knows that his wife will “Go Bronx” on someone if pushed too far.)


“OK. That’s enough!”

I called the airline attendant.

“I’m not getting kicked from Colorado to Florida. You need to switch my seat.”

The attendant, while sympathetic, had no place to move anyone. The plane was full.

Besides, who would want to sit in MY seat?

The mother shot me a look of smug victory.

“Well, his mother can switch places with me.

Since she is incapable of getting her child to cooperate, or even acknowledge her presence, she can get kicked for 3 1/2 hours.”

The attendant turned toward the mother, suppressing a smile.

“Well, how about you switch seats?”

This woman did not want that.


The kid looked surprised but he stopped.

She plunked back down in her seat, irritated at having to be a parent.

The kid did not kick me again.



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