Fat to Fit Transformation? It’s Easy If You Do It Smart

Fat to Fit transformation female

I am 28 years old living in Bangalore,India right now. This was me 4 years back. 98 kg to be precise. I hated going shopping because I had not much choice. I was bullied in school and colleges as I was always a fat kid.

How Can I get fat to fit?

But I was happy in my skin and the way I looked. I started working in a wellness firm in sales and realized I am selling fitness and wellness solutions when I myself am not fit. That was the Turning point.

Can You change your body in 3 months time?

I decided to change for the better. And started going to a gym in my society. I started off with 15 minutes of walking along with some bench exercise like crunches, leg raise etc. Along with the gym, I made changes in my diet. Replaced paratha and puri eating oats for breakfast. Homemade salads for lunch like chana salad or boiled chicken salad. Dinner would be dal along with a chapati.

Incredible weight loss transformation stories

I used to measure my weight once in 15 days and treat myself with the choice of my favorite food. In the first 3 months, I had lost 18 kg of weight. And I was full of determination. Now I had come from XXL to XL. Not bad actually.

After that, there was no looking bad I fell in love with gym and workout. Joined a nice gym outside started running and doing weight. Weights are really very important no matter what do lift you body will get sore but you will definitely see results.

This is me now

Fat to fit program

An fitness expert gives solutions to faster weight loss results.Interested?

What would I recommend people trying to lose weight –

1- Start working out. Go for a walk to start with change it into jogging and then sprint.

2- Workout at least 5 days a week. Mix of cardio and weights.

3- Make small changes in your eating habits like- move to small portions and no second plate rule.

4- If you feel like eating an ice cream go for it but don’t turn the whole day into a cheat day.

5- I still eat out once a week. I go for sizzler as it is a healthy option or red sauce pasta. White sauce has too many calories.

6- I have a sweet tooth( how else do you think I reached 98) I eat sweets when I wish to but don’t binge eat.

7- I drink beer once or twice in a week and run 7 km day after that.

I believe it’s your own body to make your own rules. No one will know you and your body more than you yourself.

My gratitude to Aishwarya Nayal for sharing her story.

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