side effects of lack of sleep

Health Effects of Lack of Sleep


Lack of sleep side effects and simple solutions.

Someone’s facial characters are a great window to their cellular health.

I actually did a mini-study last month with myself as the subject. It wasn’t too scientific so bear with me.

Experiment: Effects of sleep on facial health


  • Same person
  • Same moisturizer applied on face
  • Same lighting
  • Similar diets consumed on all days

Exhibit 1:

0 hours of sleep (awake for 24 hours)

  • Bloated face
  • Eyes watering
  • Rough skin
  • Could NOT smile…was too tired

Exhibit 2:

4 hours of sleep (awake for 20 hours)

  • Bloated face
  • Defined eye bags
  • Skin roughed up but not as bad as before

Exhibit 3:

8 hours of sleep (awake for 16 hours)

  • Look well rested and energetic
  • Eye bags have reduced and mostly dark circles remain
  • Bloating reduced

Exhibit 4:

12 hours of sleep (12 hours awake)

  • Tired from sleeping but bags are gone
  • Skin looks healthy

Exhibit 5:

16 hours of sleep (awake for 8 hours)

  • Very tired from sleeping
  • Eye bags are back in business
  • Skin looks rested

My conclusion:

  1. By sleeping excessively, I was limiting myself nutrition and this may have contributed to the decline in face health after the sweet 8–10 hour sleep mark.
  2. If I don’t sleep enough I will look exactly like a drug addict or a drunk teenager.
  3. The constant appearance of dark circles under my eyes can be attributed to my anemia.

*No PhD students were harmed in the production of this answer.

I had a very weird schedule and decided to turn it into a study.

I would take selfies every time I woke up*


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