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Here Is How You Can Make Use of Best Relationship Advice

What can you learn from relationships?

This simple advice changed my entire perspective on dating.

No matter how beautiful and perfect a person looks, everyone’s life has some sh*t to it.

Carrie was the most beautiful girl at my college. Naturally, she was the object of every guy’s desire. She looked a bit like the girl below:


After too much overthinking, I gathered up the courage to ask her out for a date. She agreed, to my joy and surprise, and the date went well. We went on a few more dates, and things were starting to get personal.

On one such date, Carrie revealed to me that because of her looks, no one had ever approached her sincerely. She had only ever been asked out by the “bad boys” who wanted nothing more than sex from her.

I was the first person to genuinely show interest in her. And not just in her looks, but her personality as well.

I was surprised to hear this. And the advice rang loud in my head.

When you truly understand this advice, the beautiful and perfect person you admire suddenly becomes a normal person just like you. You are no longer afraid of approaching them.

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