Sleep disorders

Here Is What You Do Not Know About Lack of Sleep

What happens due to lack of sleep?

Sleep is a strong tonic for creativity and better productivity when you are awake.

If you don’t sleep well what are the physical and mental ailments which will affect you. We will look into that in detail.

Due to lack of sleep or wrong sleep hours will lead to 5 main ailments.

General tiredness, always sluggish, has body pain, procrastination, no focus in your life.

Unless, you have deep sleep, being tired and sluggish will keep happening.

Another main ailment because of lack of sleep will lead to all digestive disorders like serious irritable bowel syndrome, severe constipation and ulcer.

That’s why if you eat heavy in the night, you won’t able to sleep well because the cooked food doesn’t get digested and irate your sleeping pattern.

Third ailment will be metabolic disorders like diabetes, cholesterol which are aided in the body because of lack of sleep.

Fourth ailment will be light to severe headache happens because of lack of sleep the blood vessel from the cells shrinks and doesn’t pump enough circulation to blood vessels in the brain and puts unnecessary strain.

Fifth ailment is tiredness to the mind which has taken major disorder in the present day lifestyle which leads to anxiety, stress and depression.

If you sleep late by watching TV or using your mobile, avoid it any cost especially in the night. Sleep is a habit.

If you are used to sleeping late make it a habit to sleep early. It would take days or months to get into the habit of sleeping early.

It’s better to develop the habit of sleeping early; otherwise, your habit of sleeping late will unnecessarily lead to insomnia, in the process major health issues.

We will discuss in detail in our next blog post how to have deep sleep as soon as you hit the bed.

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