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How A Child Showed Remarkable Maturity Beyond Her Age


A mom’s proud moment about her child

I was standing in front of a full-length mirror giving myself the once-over that every mom is guilty of doing.

I pinched the pudge left over from three pregnancies.

I tilted my head one direction and then the other. Are those wrinkles near my eyes?

I looked myself up and down, taking note of how relentless gravity has become.

I sighed heavy and turned around to lock eyes with my five-year-old daughter.

“Mommy. Will you do something for me?”

I expected a request for a sandwich or a cup of milk.

“Will you be a little nicer to yourself?”

“Oh, honey. I’ll try.”

“It’s easy. Just look at yourself the way that you look at me!”

As mothers, we forget the importance of being kind to ourselves. Thank you for the reminder, sweet girl.

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