How do I overcome being average

How Can I Overcome Being Average

How can you come out of being average?

I woke up each day wishing I was someone else.

I wished that I was smarter.

I wished that I was more successful.

I wished that I was more physically fit.

One day, I STOPPED wishing and started acting.

Since then, I have managed to

  • Win 6 International Science Olympiad medals
  • Win 5 National Basketball Championships, being a starter.
  • Get awarded twice by the President of Armenia.
  • Got admitted to the University of Cambridge.

I am not saying this to brag; a lot of people, seeing this list, mistakenly assume that “I am a genius.”

I am not…


I wasn’t born solving integrals!

I wasn’t born with amazing basketball drills!

I wasn’t writing articles at the age of two!

I just chose to work hard.

I chose to find my inner strength and fight.

I failed countless times in my life.

The list is far longer than the above, believe me.

It’s not easy… It isn’t easy NOT being average.

But it’s a choice.

Do you choose to be average or do you choose to be something else?

It’s YOU who has to decide this.

It’s fine being average.

Most people are. Some of them are happy.

But you have to choose for yourself!

And, when you do, prepare to work hard, be self-disciplined, believe in yourself and never, NEVER, give up!

That’s the uphill battle to success.

And when you reach the top, and people tell you that “you are a genius”, you will know that geniuses are not born. They are made…

Make your own way.

Beat the odds.

Find your inner strength.


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