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How Do You Lose Belly Fat Naturally and Faster?

Effective tips to lose belly fat

If your dream is to reduce belly fat faster and lose weight,this case study will help you. Read the full story.

My waist reduced from 38 inches to 28 inches in 15 months just because of following a healthy lifestyle. I lift heavy and eat clean. Check out my transformation picture

This didn’t’ happen overnight. It took one and a half years. What all I did to achieve this transformation?

  1. I joined a gym near my home (within 1 km radius) so that I don’t feel lazy to go there.
  2. I lost 10 kgs just by cardio and group classes like Zumba, Body Combat, but due to over-training and running with 90 kgs, I got an injury in the left knee. I used to rub pain-relief balm every night before sleeping for 3 months.
  3. Fortunately, A trainer saved me from dying on a treadmill. He told me about Strength Training & convinced me to hire him. So, I hired him and since then my life changed 180 degrees.
  4. I eat 4–5 times in a day, breakfast, lunch & dinner are all home-made cooked in either Ghee or Mustard oil or Olive Oil. I have given up refined sugar, refined flour, refined oil, although I love to cheat on ice-creams on weekends. I have stopped buying any kind of processed food. When I go out, I usually carry my nuts & seeds box or a healthy meal like Oats Poha or Veg Sandwich.
  5. I drink 3–4 liters of water in a day not including green tea or other beverages.
  6. Being a Software Developer, I spend more sitting time, so to remain active throughout the day, I go for 15–20 minutes Post lunch walk, and take regular breaks after every 1 hour. I use stairs usually at the office.
  7. I lift 5 days a week, 1 day-core workout & 1 day for active recovery through stretching & yoga.
  8. I lift heavy 80 kgs deadlift, 60 Kgs Squats, 210 kgs Leg Press. The heavier you lift, the stronger you become and hence lose fat from the overall body.
  9. You can’t spot reduce fat. Our body stores fat in a pattern genetically defined. When you start losing fat, it happens according to the genetic pattern defined for your body and each body is different.
  10. To lose fat, focus on building muscle!

My gratitude to Ms.Supriya Verma for sharing her fitness journey.


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