Relationship tips

How To Make The Relationship Last For Life?

What makes a relationship successful?

Relationship is not build on some template where you simply follow it. You need to strive on it every day by paying attention to your partner or kids like you do in your job or business.

One of the factors you have to keep in mind is never expect them to be like you. They have their flaws and you have your flaws. Understand their drawbacks and forgive their actions. Over a period of time everything will fall in place provided you are willing to work on it.

Relationship is like a team. You need to support your partner in every area of relationship whether it’s upkeep of the house or taking care of the kids. Only when you are involved both physically and emotionally, the relationship will go up to next level.

Most important part of relationship is to strive and thrive together. Only when you pay attention to strive better in ever areas of life, the relationship will last.

 Never extract happiness from others. The relationship will never last. Best way to make your relationship happier is to work on your awareness by meditating, so that you can be aware of yourself. Only when you are aware of yourself, you will be happy. When you are happy within yourself, you can keep others happy and the relationship will become more beautiful.

Another benefit of having better awareness is, you evolve into better human being. You will be compassionate towards others which will build better trust in relationship.

Motivate and encourage each other to do better in life. Remember you are a team.

Work on solutions in a relationship which will open up more possibilities. Never criticize or address only the problems. Problems will only multiply which will lead to more friction in relationship.

Appreciate your partner even if it is a small effort. Everybody look forward to compliments from others.

When you make mistake with your actions always be the first to accept it by letting go of your ego.

Always have discussion over certain issue. Never argue. Convey your point without beating around the bush. This will help in better understanding of each other.

Lots of people take things for granted in relationship and don’t pay attention being romantic. Be romantic even by simple action which will build up more beautiful relationship.

Have fun time together. Come with some creative ideas which will make your relationship more romantic.

Always respect your partner’s family members or friends. When you are aware of yourself, you will be compassionate with everyone you come across in life.

Always show affection towards your partner by simple physical or emotional gestures. Again being aware of you will help in this direction.

Keep in mind evolving into better relationship is a continuous process, which needs constant attention.

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