Insanely tempting dessert recipe

Insanely Tempting Cookies and Cream Ice Cream Cake!

Mother’s day special cake recipe

This has layers of chocolate cake filled with copycat Oreo filling, homemade cookies and cream ice cream, chocolate crumbs, and hot fudge, all topped with a thick layer of chantilly meringue.

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CakeMilk Bar chocolate cake recipe. I wanted very thin cake layers, so I baked this in a half-sheet pan instead of a quarter-sheet pan.

Cookies and cream ice cream: I use the vanilla ice cream recipe from the book, Hello, My Name Is Ice Cream and mixed in about 200g of crushed Oreos after churning. 450g per layer.

Oreo filling and chocolate crumbs: these are from the Milk Bar mint cookies and cream cake. It tastes very much like Oreo filling due to the generous amount of clear vanilla extract in it. I did not mix in the chocolate crumbs since they were going to be a separate layer in the cake. 100g each of filling and crumbs per layer.

Hot fudge: a basic cocoa-based recipe from the Pioneer Woman. 100g per layer.

Chantilly meringue: Typically after making ice cream I use the leftover egg whites to make the homemade marshmallow fluff that I am obsessed with, but this time I made this chantilly meringue. It’s just Italian meringue folded together with whipped cream, and then frozen. It’s amazing and my new favorite thing for the moment.

More clarifications regarding the preparation.

Interesting, would you be able to use the chantilly meringue as a frosting on the ice cream cake?

Yes, I think so. Ice cream cakes are often frosted with plain whipped cream, and the Chantilly meringue has a little bit more body than plain whipped cream.

How many repeating layers? Cake,Oreo filling, ice cream, crumbles, repeat? Then the cream?

From the bottom up, it’s two repeating layers of: cake, Oreo filling, chocolate crumbs, ice cream, and hot fudge. That repeats and then there’s a third layer of cake topped with the Chantilly meringue!

How do you slice it? Does everyone get a super skinny piece or do you cut it with some people getting a top piece and others getting a bottom piece?

Everyone gets a skinny piece! Since it’s frozen, it’s relatively easy to cut this in very thin slices. You can see here that it slices pretty cleanly. This is in contrast to regular non-ice cream Milk Bar style cakes which are difficult to slice in to thin pieces, but I still try to serve those in skinny slices as well.

How did you assemble it to get the nice straight edges?

These cakes are layered in to a metal cake ring lined with acetate. After they’re completely frozen, you just pop it out of the ring and peel off the acetate.

It might be a dumb question but since it is so tall, does the slice fit on a plate?

I have to serve these cakes on small dinner plates because they’re too tall for small dessert plates. 🤣 The cake is exactly 6″ tall.

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