The Reasons Why Women Dislike Exercise

A shocking health survey revealed that most of the women feel embarrassed to exercise in public.
Women fear they are being judged while exercising, which seems to have got cultivated in their childhood and the fear keeps multiplying as they grow.
In the process women are less active than men and most of them end up not doing any form exercise in their life.


Women will have long-term consequences because of their low activity levels.
Though women have longer life expectancy than men, but as they age their health takes a nose dive which leads to being frail and their mobility becomes major concern.
Because of lack of activity in women they have range of health issues including depression, arthritis, osteoporosis, dementia, sarcopenia.
Poor health leads to difficulty in doing day-day-day activities which are necessity for basic maintenance in life.
When you are physically active it surges you to have better energy to your whole body and being healthy in long term.
Any form of exercise like working out at gym or fast walking around your house block, cycling, swimming, yoga, aerobics will keep your cells active even when you age.
Recent study shows that any form of exercise changes in gene expression in mitochondria-the powerhouse of cells, to keep them active for better health.
Strength training can strengthen your muscles and function better even when you get older.
Simple body exercises like push-ups, lunges, squats, yoga can help you to strengthen your muscles and can be done at the comfort of your home.
Exercising regularly helps in better mobility of your body and improves overall health which leads to better quality of life.
Strengthening your bone and muscles will protect you against any fall and fractures as you get older.
Recent study also shows that women who have been fit even during middle age reduce their chance of dementia even when they get older.
Even if you are aware of these benefits, are you willing to invest on your future well-being.
How do you motivate yourself to have a better health for years to comes!
Being physically active now can be more motivating by seeing better impact on your health and being in better shape.
When you exercise, endorphin in your body gets activated, enhances your brain function and generates positive vibration in your body.
It also helps in streamlining your blood flow, removes unwanted toxic from your body, make arteries in your heart function better.
When you start exercising now instead of possible future health benefits, it helps you to be happy, elevates your mind, which leads to better vitality and productivity.
The key to your healthier and longest possible life is to give your best shot by being active now.


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