Child development

What New Moms Should Know?

Becoming a new parent can be daunting especially when advice starts pouring in from everyone.

Effective tips which have been compiled from experts in the field by handling thousands of parents.

  1. Top priority should be living in the present moment, enjoying every moment with your baby.
  1. Whatever be the circumstances stick to sleeping early in the night. This will help your baby to get into proper sleeping rhythm and you to get much needed rest.
  1. Don’t fuss about your child’s food habits. They will eat when they are hungry. Just chill.
  1. Re-hydrate yourself and your baby with tender coconut water if it is available near your place or store some vitamin water, especially when your kid is vomiting.
  1. Each kid is genius in their own way. Nurture their potential.
  1. Keep in mind for your kid, you are the role model. You have to set an example, which will push them to go beyond their limitations by following your footsteps.

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