Home remedy to improve oxygen level

Which Is The Best Home Remedy to Boost Respiratory System?

Home treatment to improve oxygen level to your lungs.

My mom came across this really effective way to increase oxygen level during outbreak of coronavirus pandemic.

I would like to share with you.

It’s easily available at every household.

Camphor and carom seeds packet which will come in handy during breathlessness and pandemic.

It keeps virus away and opens up better breathing to your lungs.

This packet is also usually carried while traveling to the Himalaya or any high mountains.

When old people travel to high altitude places, they carry this packet along with them so that if they feel breathless, they can smell it.

It gives instant relief and helps in breathing effectively.

These traditions are there in Indian culture and has proved wonders for those who understood its importance.

My mother strictly believes in ayurvedic home remedies and it works for her effectively every time.

Today she suggested  to me that I keep this camphor and carom seeds packet every time I go out and smell it, regularly.

Mother’s care for their children and want them to be safe during this deadly pandemic.

I’m thankful to my mom!

I thought to share about this effective remedy for breathing with everyone.

Take care and stay safe. ☺️


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