Heart attack prevention

Why Heart Attack Occurs In Young Age and Better Prevention

What causes heart attacks and best home remedies?

Heart attack deaths which we hear or read every day unfortunately happens in a big way even among young people.

What are the main causes for this ailment?

In the past 15 to 20 years only there has been spike in heart attack deaths especially at young age.

In fact, cardio vascular disease has become major ailment in the past few years.

Let’s look into who gets affected by this ailment and what is the best prevention method which can be applied.

Though there are many organs in our body, one of the main vital organs is heart.

If other parts of the body has some ailments and heart is functioning well, then we can find solutions to cure for other parts of the body.

If heart gets affected, it will lead to either death or serious cardio vascular disease.

The main cause of the heart attack is the blockage of blood flow to arteries.

Due to blockage of blood flow to arteries Myocardial Infraction happens which thickens heart cells in the process leads to heart attack.

Sometimes the heart attack could be milder which is called as Angina Pectoris which gives symptoms of pressure in the heart and pain on the left side of the body, but most of the time the attack is massive which leads to death.

The symptoms of heart ailments can be:

  1. Unusual pain in the left side of the chest.
  1. The pain can extend to left shoulder, left arms and hands.
  1. Considerable sweating and heavy breathing.

If the symptoms persist, it’s preferable to take necessary test about the conditions of the heart.

The reasons behind this ailment are:

  1. Food eating habits which contains more fat, leads to cholesterol formation which blocks free flow of blood to blood vessels.

  1. In today’s lifestyle not just eating meat foods or fried foods are not the only main cause. It’s the high content of carbohydrates in the body.
  1. When you look into the connection between carbohydrates and cholesterol, it’s because of lifestyle you lead.
  1. For the amount of food you eat, necessary physical activities are not involved which leads carbohydrates to convert into high level of cholesterol in your body.
  1. The residue of cholesterol over a period of time settles into blood vessels and blocks the free flow of blood.
  1. The sediments of cholesterol slowly narrow the blood vessels pipeline which creates plaque too in the arteries and clot in the heart.

  1. As discussed earlier eating too much food outside especially junk foods which converts carbohydrates to cholesterol that’s one reason.
  1. Another reason for high cholesterol is because of anxious way of living life with worries, fear, and stress, which makes the pipeline of the blood vessels to shrink and narrow further which leads to blockage of blood flow.

  1. Because of the blockage of blood to arteries, the cells of heart doesn’t function which leads to death.
  1. When you always lead a life with anxiety, it will only lead to faster damage to blood vessels.
  1. When people are leading life with anxiety right from early age, we see more heart attacks death even at the age of 30 or less.
  1. Another factor being continuous smoking and drinking habits which forms clots inside the blood vessels.               

Now that we have looked into the reasons behind heart attack ailments, we will look into the best way to prevent heart attack.

Step 1: Quantity of food intake should be reduced especially junk food.

Step 2: Best way to remove all the toxic from the food is through some form of exercise or sports which will streamline the blockage of blood vessels and allows free flow of flood.

 Step 3: Excellent way to relax your mind, body and emotions is by practicing yoga and meditation. This is a proven science for more than 15,000 years.

Step 4: One thing you should keep in mind is all these stress related activities will only lead you to get entangled with life, less productivity over a period of time and death at early age.

Step 5: Consumption of alcohol and smoking need to be avoided at any cost, if not for yourself at least for the sake of your loved ones.

Step 6: All these prevention will help your loved ones not to have setbacks in their life because of your death.

So, from young age you lead a healthy life which can open up many possibilities of having happier and successful life.

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