Why regular exercise keeps you at least 30 years younger?

Real power of anti aging

Are you working on streamlining your muscle tone, elevate your mood and keeping your brain active to keep you against decline of age?
Look no further! The answer is within you. Yes, powerful way keep yourself younger is your own body.

Best way to keep your muscles firmer is do exercise which keeps your heart pumping and certain amount of strength training and all these steps doesn’t require any fancy stuff.
Getting old doesn’t mean getting weaker not until our last breath.
As famous saying goes: “You stopped playing because you have become old. No, you have become old because you have stopped playing.”

Science provides the answer

It has proven by science that ageing can be reversed considerably, if we combine 20% of high intensity workout to keep the heart pumping and 80% of low intensity workout every week.
Strength training not helps in building our muscles and bones which in turn prevents from serious injuries in later stages of our life. It also helps in improving neurologically to keep our mind functionality agile.
Just sitting and sipping tea or coffee is not the right way to spend our old age.If our testosterone level decreases our hormone level also goes down, which in turn make our skeletal muscles go weaker, the symptoms of our regular motor functions going down.

What we can learn from top athletes

One of my role model famous Tennis player Roger Federer is still going strong, so does Serene Williams. They are not striving to be bigger or stronger or faster but focusing their energy by being smarter and using their training to get the better results.
There are more powerful athlete than Roger Federer like famous athlete Jo Pavey who is well into her mid forties with 2 children who is setting an example to people like us that age need not bring down our competitive spirit. Veteran of five Olympic Games, she is nevertheless preparing for the 10,000m in that month’s European Athletics Championships in Berlin. In 2014, she won gold in the same event, when she was about to turn 41, becoming the oldest European champion in history. Pavey knows how to pace herself on and off the track, missing this year’s Commonwealth Games in Australia to ensure freshness in the summer. If anyone beats the linear model for ageing, it is her.
There is always next thing to aim for when we are consistently enhancing our life.

Let’s look into over all benefits of doing exercises regularly.

1.Exercise improves our blood flow to our blood vessels especially our arteries.
2.Regular exercise helps our heart stronger,more efficient and keeps our blood pressure under check.
3. Release of endorphin into our body system relaxes our mood and muscles which in turn reduces the stress from our body.
4. Most dreaded part of our body the belly fat,hip,thigh muscles are reduced or kept under check when we exercise regularly.
5. Metabolism gets pumped up when we exercise regularly which helps in burning the fat muscles and balances healthy weight in our body.
6. Exercise improves our flexibility and strengthens our muscles.
7. The best mood elevator in our life is when we do our exercise.
8. When we are in better mood it helps in getting sound sleep and resting our body properly for better energy the next day.
9. When we exercise regularly it not only firms our muscles, it keeps our skin soft and glowing.
10. When we exercise regularly our posture also improves which gives a overall better look.
11. Regular exercise helps in getting better vibes which generates more energy,vitality which in turn can help in better sex drive.
12. Exercise does reverse engineering in our body cells which helps in keeping us younger for a long time to come(at least by half our biological age).

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