How to become confident in life?

14 Habits to Become Mentally Strong and Happy

1. Never ever get uncomfortable.

If you are uncomfortable, it means there is something you fear from. Don’t let fear rule you! You will see they don’t even exist.

2. Fake it till you make it.

Perception beats reality. Before I start doing something challenging, this is simply what I do. If the goal is too keep yourself mentally strong, don’t hesitate to believe you are. I bet it works.

3. Say it out loud!

Say what you want out loud. It is that much simple to keep yourself motivated and so mentally strong.

4. Try to define actions reversely.

Maybe you call yourself a procrastinator or late doer. This is not the true way of defining your actions. Approach from the different perspective and say you are able to do it such quick that you don’t even need to start so early.

5. Act of kindness.

I think act of kindness interestingly and impressively increases the level of happiness. You should also try.

6. Try to spend time with motivated people.

In general, motivated people are mentally strong and surrounding yourself with those people may help you.

7. Set a goal.

Setting a goal makes life more meaningful and it’s not hard to find one. For instance, identify one of your bad habits and let it be your goal to defeat it. This goal doesn’t have to be a big deal such as quitting smoking. It can be committing to giving up that bag of chips you eat at lunch every day.

8. Be aware of small wins.

Your life mostly consists of ordinary moments. However, if you have the awareness of differences regarding small wins, you will have a good state of mind.

9. Never underestimate self-care.

Some people can think of it is completely waste of time. I don’t think it is true. Self-care helps you to establish good relationships with other and be self-confident.

10. Set a goal to eat clean.

You are what you eat. Don’t forget about it.

11. Set a generous budget to have fun.

We are all human and we need it.

12. Don’t fear taking calculated risk.

Don’t take reckless or foolish risks, what I mean is calculated risks. Weigh the benefits before making decisions and if it’s okay to you, don’t fear from taking the calculated risk.

13. Don’t fear alone time.

I think everyone needs to spend time alone. It can be relaxing for your mind and body.

14. Don’t expect immediate results.

Good things take time. Be patient.

My gratitude to Mr.Furkan Ozturk for his powerful tips.

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