Family happiness

A Child Who Made Her Parents Proud

Family Happiness

When my daughter Nikki was about 16 months old I gave birth to my twin boys.

One day I took one of my twins to the nursery to change his diaper when I heard the front door open. I ran into the living room and couldn’t find my older two children anywhere. Panic set in. Without thinking i set my newborn on his activity mat and yelled at nikki to watch her brother and ran out the door and down the apartment stairs and outside where i found my kids playing in the parking lot. I ran after them and of course they ran away laughing. My husband came home while i was chasing them and he came to help but I yelled at him to go upstairs to check on the other kids.

I finally caught them and dragged them inside. My heart was racing so fast. I think that was the first time i was genuinely scared as a parent. I got them upstairs and sent them to their rooms.

My husband was holding our son with a look of pride as he told me what he walked into. Nikki was crouched next to Jeremy stroking his forehead and singing him a lullaby she had made up. When my husband went to pick him she said “Mommy told me to watch him. I loves my brother.”

I’ll never forget that. My baby took care of my baby. I’ll be telling that story for the rest of my life.

She is still extremely close to her brothers 💖


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