Relationship tips

The Experienced Proven Formula of Best Relationship Advice

Tips from people who have been married for long time.

  1. You are responsible of your own happiness. Don’t seek happiness from others. When you share your happiness with others the relationship becomes meaningful.

2. Be in reality and evolve as couple which requires efforts from both parties. Don’t live in “happily ever after” fool’s paradise.

3. Communicate with unerring respect for each other. Respect for yourself and respect for your partner are intertwined. Only then your core values will help in getting better in life.

4. Communicate openly with your partner. Don’t hide or have any secrets. Secrets will only divide the relationship.

5. Give your partner their space and let them be who they are. Don’t own them. That’s when better bonding happens.

6. Keep in mind to discuss on any subject. Not to argue. Between partners there’s no winning business over the other. Every time if you are trying to win over your partner, you lose the relationship.

7. Don’t stop doing small things. They all add up. Like cuddling, holding hands, having regular sex, helping with household chores. Keep in mind a good marriage makes good kids. Not, other way around.

8. Take responsibilities of your actions and give your best shot of what you are good at and keep working on it every day. This will help you to evolve into better person and also having better relationship.

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