Are Push-ups The Best Exercise To Get Younger Body?

Push-ups help in understanding your level of strength and muscular endurance. Best part, you can do it anytime and anywhere.

If you are able to do 40 push-ups in one go whatever age you are in then it shows your muscles are in condition.

Push-ups still stand top of the exercise for anybody to test their cardiovascular performance and reduce the risk of heart attacks.


Doing at least 50 push-ups everyday will definitely help you to be in the elite club of top fitness endurance.

Most of the people are not aware that push-ups works in most parts of the body right from shoulder, arms, chest, abs, hips and legs.

Push-ups can be modified to suit individual needs to shape particular muscle groups by adjusting hand placement, body angle and adjusting the intensity.

By adjusting the hands position you can get best results for your chest muscles or triceps or shoulders.

How to get the right form

Incase, you have issues with regular pushups you can try the knee pushups variations.

Initially when you are starting out you might be able to do only 5 or 10 push-ups or even less. Keep in mind whether the form and breathing is right.

When your strength improves increase the reps of your push-ups and slowly increase the sets from one to 2 or 3.

Push-ups can be biggest motivator for your life and it’s an ever-green trendy exercise because it challenges you.

It can push you up to take up the challenge to do more every week or every month or perform 50 reps nonstop for one set.

To start with set small challenges and later upgrade it to bigger challenges in the process it becomes more fun to do push-ups.

When you can do 50 push-ups nonstop everyday, you can knock out most of the people in their fitness game.

Push-ups can also show you how to handle other challenges in life with ease.


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