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Best Antivirus Herbal Cure At Home Which Is Proven Solution

Antivirus natural remedy which is highly effective

Pandemic is still spreading it’s wings and affecting millions of people all over the globe.

There is an ancient science in India which has worked wonders for thousand of years to cure any virus and has come in handy during this pandemic too.

These herbal cure are effective and gives fast relief from any virus to have better health.

This cure is applicable to anybody irrespective of their age, whether they have Covid -19 issue or as an preventive measure.

Best herbal ingredient we need for this cure are:

Neem, turmeric and black pepper.

Neem has proven to be most effective antivirus herbal cure for thousands of years, that’s why most of the houses in South India used to have atleast one neem tree.

Turmeric herb is powerful antibacterial solution and improves immunity in a big way.

Black pepper plays as a medium to the above powerful herbs and blends it to give most powerful solutions.

Take half hand size of dry neem leaves and make it into a powder.

Then take either fresh turmeric or turmeric powder.

Then add 4 or 5 black pepper.

Blend all 3 ingredients into a paste and make it into small balls and consume it twice a day one in the morning and one in the evening. 

People who don’t have any ulcer or acidity issues can have it before food and people who have acidity issues can have it after food.

This should be consumed 15 or 30 minutes before food. People who are going to consume after food should have it after one hour of eating food. If you feel bitter taste in your mouth, you can have small quantity of honey.

This cure should be taken for 7 to 14 days whether you have been tested corona positive or as preventive measures or come out of corona virus treatment.

Second most effective cure would be to take small quantity of turmeric powder and boil it in a big bowl of water. 

Add small quantity of lemon peel after boiling the water. Then inhale the hot water by covering yourself with thick towel or bedcover. You should cover from head to chest level while inhaling the hot water.

Inhale for 10 minutes when all the mucus from nostrils and chest comes out and you get more sweat out of your system from the steam.

This will help in regulating respiratory system which will help in better oxygen flow into your lungs and keeping a healthy heart.

Inhale steaming once or twice a day atleast for 10 days especially before going to sleep in the night. When you inhale make sure you take deep breath so that your nostrils and lungs becomes clear of all mucus and improves your immunity because inhaling helps in expanding your lungs and keeps it healthy.

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