Home remedy for cholesterol

Best Foods That Reduce Cholesterol Quickly

How to reduce cholesterol?

There are plenty of people asking whether cholesterol really exist in our body.

How does cholesterol affect our body and how it can avoided by taking right food is what we are going to discuss in this post.

First let me make it clear that we don’t have to get scared about cholesterol issue.

At the same all of us have certain level of cholesterol in our body system.

Most of you will be aware that there are two types of cholesterol. High density Lipoprotein(HDL) and Low density Lipoprotein(LDL).

Having certain level of High density lipoprotein is good for our body. Only when Low density lipoprotein is high the cholesterol related problems arises.

Don’t get worked up about cholesterol problem. If you eat healthy foods, you will able to keep the cholesterol under control.

Only when you eat unhealthy foods the cholesterol problems arises.

The first in the list of consuming right foods are green vegetables.

Green vegetable has high level of phytonutrients and phytochemicals which keeps the bad cholesterol under control.

Most of you are aware that cholesterol blocks the blood vessel and makes the free flow of blood to body difficult.

Green vegetables comes as a savior to you to remove the blocks from the blood vessels.

Second in the list is consuming almond which has important component called Flavanoids.

According to latest research almond reduces the bad cholesterol that is LDL and improves good cholesterol that is HDL.

Third is to consume turmeric which has become more popular all around the globe because of various medicinal properties it has and many benefits it can provide to our body.

Most important, turmeric reduces bad cholesterol drastically from our body, according to latest research.

Fourth food to eat would sweet potato which is available in most parts of the globe.

Major benefits of consuming sweet potato would be to remove blockages in blood vessels in our body.

Fifth item to consume would be garlic, which keeps cholesterol under control in our body.

When you consume right foods we can keep the cholesterol under control.

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