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The Lost Book of Herbal Remedies Review

Why this book can Keep you healthy?

When I was researching what I can suggest to my readers about the benefits of using herbals to cure various ailments  especially for readers based in Western countries, I came across this book “  The Lost book of herbal remedies” which most of you would have heard about it already.

We in India already are aware about the benefits of herbs, because Ayurveda treatments which are more than 5000 years old science, uses plant based ingredients.

Would you like to lead a healthy life through herbs then this book is for you?

Most of you even for simple ailments would be popping some Pharmaceutical company manufactured drugs without knowing what are the side affects you will have and lead to addictions, which will lead to popping pill one after other for each of your ailments.

The lost book of herbal remedies which has been well researched by Claude Davis aims in bringing natural remedies which can help you to cure most of the ailments at home for a healthy living.

You would be surprised most the herbs which will come in handy for natural remedies might be growing in your own backyard or you can always pick it up online as powder form.

Natural remedies has become a savior especially during this pandemic time and expected to grow in popularity as it will give better options for human being to be healthy and “The lost book of herbal remedies” can definitely be your savior and for your loved ones.

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As mentioned earlier The lost book of herbal remedies is devised by Claude Davis who is a well known herbal expert living for decades in a healthy way with alternative living using the power of natural remedies.

Most of the remedies suggested by Claude Davis prescribed by his grandfather who was field doctor during world war II and has treated successfully many soldiers by using herbs available around wherever he was posted. The same secret is being passed on to us through this book.

The co-author of this book is Dr. Nicole Apelian whom you might have seen in some of the television programs and is a doctorate in Cultural Anthropology.

She herself has survived from major ailment of Multiple Sclerosis which affected her body in the year 2000 and successfully cured herself from her own research and experience of applying natural remedies.

Since then, she has been treating and teaching people the healthy benefits of natural remedies which thousands of people got benefited to lead a healthy life.

Healthy way to cure your ailments, then this book is for you.

Both Claude Davis and Dr.Nicole Apelian decided to bring out a book with latest updates on herbs to reach maximum number of people to lead a healthy life and that’s where “The lost book of herbal remedies” has reached the people like us to be benefited.

What makes the “The lost book of herbal remedies” different is, it gives various options to apply the herbs for various ailments which becomes a valuable resources of information and also helps to plant and grow these herbs at your backyard.

The books consists of various components which will help you to understand the benefits of natural remedies for your body, how each herbs can be planted at your place, and how each herbs can be consumed for various ailments for faster healing and healthy living.

The authors also give various case studies and how the natural remedies was applied to have a healthy life which needs to be applied with immediate effect as we are going through this deadlier virus pandemic and maybe more in the future too.

In this context, it is better to apply natural remedies for every ailment to improve your immunity on a healthy path without becoming slave to Pharma pills.

The major benefits of consuming natural remedies are:

It has no side-effects and drug-free remedies.

Cost effective without any costly medications.

Simple preparation methods to cure your ailments and improves your overall health.

The secret to your health and your loved ones is in this book.

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