Home remedy for cold and cough

What Is The Fastest Way to Cure Cold and Cough?

Why this home remedy effective?

Cold and cough which has been troubling you  for days together are another form of virus in your body. It doesn’t affect people who have better immunity.

People who have continuous cold or running nose or cough or throat irritation have mucus formations in their lungs, which affects their daily functionality.

As most of people are now into smoking in big way, the mucus forms faster in the lung and in due course it gets harden which leads to death in most of the cases.

Best part is, there are simple home remedies which work effectively to relieve cold and cough from your system and to keep you healthy.

The first solution is ginger extract juice. Other ingredients to this juice would be lime and honey which relieve mucus from your system through your bowel movement.

It not only helps in relieving your long affected cold and Cough, it also builds immunity and works in losing weight effectively.

Let’s look into how we can prepare this juice extract.

Take one glass of water and boil it in a small vessel. Add small piece of ginger in the boiling water after removing the skin. Then add half slice lemon juice extract into the water.

When the water becomes warm enough to drink bring it down from the stove and then add honey to the juice.

Once you start drinking the juice extract for few days, you will see mucus from the lungs slowly getting dissolved and moves out of your system.

Let’s look into other effective solutions.

You can also drink just ginger and honey mix drink in warm water.

Keep in mind all these drinks should be had on an empty stomach in the morning.

Ginger extract juice besides relieving cold and cough also helps in streamlining your digestive system from the all the junk foods you have eaten and keeps your bowel movement healthy.

Ginger has properties like vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12 plus calcium, potassium and Iron content nutrients are there.

People who have asthmatic gets relieved from their problems too once their immunity gets stronger and their lungs become healthy.

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