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Powerful Herbs to Make Your Respiratory System Strong

What is the best herbs for your lungs?

We have some powerful herbs which can streamline the respiratory system and strengthen the lungs especially during this pandemic time, it will be a savior and it’s widely used in Ayurveda treatment and can be effectively used as home remedy.

The first herb would be Solanum virginianum, also called Surattense nightshade, yellow-fruit nightshade, yellow-berried nightshade.

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Solanum virginianum works as anti inflammatory and expands the lung capacity for better and strengthens the respiratory system.

The second herb in the list would be Mukia maderaspatana, which would be a big savior for asthmatic people.

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It act as bronchodilators and helps in relieving respiratory congestion as most of the people have breathing issues especially during this pandemic time.

Third important herb would be commonly called as climbing brinjal or Purple fruited pea egg plant. Botanical name Solanum Trilobatum.

Herbal remedies

It helps to remove all the mucus from the respiratory system and keep them healthy. It’s ideal for kids to too.

Fourth powerful herb is known as Country borage or Indian mint. Scientific name Plectranthus amboinicus or Coleus amboinicus.

Herbal remedies

It also helps in removing the mucus from the respiratory system and act as bronchodilators to remove the congestion.

All the 4 herbs are effective in keeping your respiratory system healthier and can be purchased on online in powder form from any herbal online platform or from Amazon store.

All the herbs don’t have any side effects. You can use one herb or can use all 4 herbs, using one herb for a week and the next one second week, like that for 4 weeks.

How to have these herbs?

Mix any one of the herb in a glass of water and boil it until the level of mix comes down one-third glass.

You can add honey to the mixture and drink it either half an hour before food or half an hour after food. It’s quite safe for any children above the age of 5. Instead of bringing the boiled mixture to one-third, just bring it down to half glass and give it to children.

All these mixture you can have it for 14 days or 21 days. Don’t take it for months together.

All these 4 herbs are powerful solutions to keep the respiratory system stronger and for people who have been affected by virus can take this treatment and keep their respiratory system healthier.

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