Home remedy for UTI

Why People Are Finding This Home Remedy for UTI Effective?

How do you get rid of UTI fast?

This solution of home remedy is for people who have been sufferings of UTI for days or months or people who have been taking antibiotics and  not been cured.

This is the cure to remove germs from the urinary tract totally and allows free flow of urine without irritations and pain.

The ingredient needed for this treatment is called Punarnava. The scientific name for this herb is called Boerhavia diffusa. You will get in powder form from any online herbal store or from Amazon online.

Other ingredients required are black pepper and turmeric in powder form.

Take six black pepper and grind it into powder form.

Add the black pepper powder plus half tea spoon of turmeric plus one teaspoon of Punarnava powder in one liter of water and boil it until the water level comes down to 200 ml.

Drink this mixture of 200 ml of same quantity both in the morning and evening either half an hour before food or half an hour after food.

Once you start drinking this mixture, the germs from the urinary tract, urinary bag will be removed.

Between drinking this mixture make sure to drink also 3 to 4 liters of water in that 12 hours period time. Only then the germs will be removed from the urinary tract by way of passing urine.

Anybody who is above 5 years of age can drink this home remedy.

Age between five and twelve can drink 20 t 30 ml of this mixture twice a day.

Age between 12 and 18 can drink 100 ml of this mixture twice a day.

Anybody above 18 can drink 200 ml of this mixture twice a day.

Both men and women can drink this mixture to cure their problem. Even women who are pregnant after the third month can drink it.

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