Best natural remedy to cure chronic ulcer

Best Natural Remedy Which Has Cured My Chronic Ulcer

Is chronic ulcer curable?

Irrespective of whatever treatment you take to cure chronic ulcer, there are times for practical purposes the healing doesn’t happen even after 3 months and people suffer more and drop the medication.

I went through that situation and got cured by this effective natural remedy which is effective.

This treatment works without any side effects.

The ingredients required for this treatment are:

  1. Snake weed (botanical name: Euphorbia Thymifolia) It’s available in amazon or other herbal online store. If you can get fresh leaves near your place, it would be ideal. If not get it in powder form from online store.


2. Take either 7 leaves of snake weed or one tea spoon powder of this herb.

3. Take half tea spoon of cumin seed fry it and grind it into powder.

Chronic ulcer treatment

4. Plus one tea spoon fresh curd.

Chronic ulcer treatment

5. Grind all the ingredients into paste form.

6. Take these mixed ingredients and have it in empty stomach every day morning for couple of months.

Your chronic ulcer will get cured by that time.

7. When you are taking this remedy avoid spicy, sour and meat foods.

When you have tried all the medications and nothing has worked you can try this natural remedy.

Even if you are in the initial stages of ulcer problem try this natural remedy.

Do share this solution with your loved ones and friends and give us your feedback.

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