Cure for ulcer and acidity naturally

Best Natural Tea to Cure Ulcer and Acidity

Best natural remedy for ulcer

Let’s look into making amazing natural tea to cure ulcer with just 5 ingredients.

This tea not only helps to cure ulcer, it relieves in acid reflex, bloated stomach and chest heaviness.

This natural tea not only helps to cure ailments, it’s an ideal drink to start your day in the morning with full vigor.

The 5 ingredients required for preparing this tea are:

  1. Coriander seed
  2. Glycyrrhiza glabra or Glyceria Glabra powder
  3. Palm candy or palm sugar
  4. Cardamom or powder
  5. Plain water

Take one small bowl of coriander seeds and fry it in low flame until it becomes light brown in shade. Don’t over fry it as the tea will taste bitter.

Once the coriander seeds got fried with little hot grind lightly to be in semi powder form. Not necessary to make it as powder.

Take sufficient quantity of water and boil it. Once the water gets boiled, add 2 tea spoons of grounded coriander seed. This quantity is sufficient for one person.

Add one tea spoon of glyceria glabra powder to the boiled water. Again it’s for one person.

This tea preparation is not just of people suffering from ulcer or acidity. It’s ideal drink even for normal people to start their day with more freshness instead of all the branded tea or coffee which you pick up from shops.

When the water with necessary ingredient got boiled add couple of cloves of cardamom to the boiled water. Once the water is boiled down to half the quantity from the original quantity, take the boiled tea and filter it to a tea cup for your consumption.

Now add palm candy or palm sugar according to your taste to the natural tea.

It’s a powerful energetic tea drink especially for people who are suffering from acid reflex, ulcer and acidity.

This drink you can have it for any number of days.

This natural tea anyone can drink irrespective of their ages.

Let us know, how you have benefited after drinking this natural tea.

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