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What Do You Need To Know About Love Language?

What is the essence of love languages?

Shower your affection by way of compliments, gratitude and admiration.

More than the verbal act, by sharing responsibilities of household chores like changing diapers of kids, giving the kids bath, playing with them, taking care of laundry and even cooking if you are familiar with, will have powerful impact in your love language.

Channelize your creativity to give gifts to your partner not in materialistic way but by way of kindness, express it by little letter or notes to your partner which will have more meaningful love language.

Focus on quality time by asking your partner how was their day and share your day’s experience, pay full attention to what they have to stay.

Don’t distract that time by way of watching TV or on social media.

Plan outing with your loved ones to spend more time in nature, which will improve your love language and for happier life.

Physical connection need not be  related only to sex.

Just the act of holding hands with your loved ones will multiply your love language as the hands are interconnected with all the cells in the body and help to relax and bring down stress level.

The question will arise whether the above steps will help in improving the love languages with partner.

Not necessarily, but it is a better beginning to improve your love language.

Keep in mind love languages needs constant work like you do exercise to improve body.

Unless, you focus on striving in all areas of your life, then only love languages will work.

Couples who have purpose in life and strive towards that will have better love languages and thrive in life. This is the only formula which will work.

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