Remedy for High blood pressure

Control High BP With Simple Home Remedies for Healthy Heart

Home remedies to effectively lower blood pressure

Once you have got BP which raises by few points, then you have been brainwashed by medical fraternity that you have to take medications throughout your life to keep it under control. 

This is to keep you in fear so that both medical and pharma companies be financially get benefited out of your desperation.

The whole myth is not true. Certain simple lifestyle changes can help anybody to come out of BP ailments which anybody at any age can implement.

Let’s look into steps which can reduce or completely cure high BP and balance your life for better.

1.Reduce the intake of salt in your food which has got sodium chloride.

2.Packaged food which has preservatives contains high sodium content which affects your body.

3.It’s preferable to avoid packaged foods or at least reduce the quantity of having packaged foods.

4. One of the main reason your BP level has gone up is because of stress you have brought in to your body and mind.

5. Simple activities like listening to soothing music, taking a walk or indulging in some sports will help you to come out of it.

6. Best solution to bring down your stress,anxiety,depression would be yoga and meditation to have better health.

7. Reducing the weight is of very important. More weight and high BP have direct impact on your body.

8. When your age increases and your weight also keeps increasing, your BP level also increases.

9. Anybody who reduces their body weight by 5 kilograms the BP reduces by 10 points.

10. Instead of taking some products to reduce weight, it’s preferable to do some exercises which will help you to bring down your BP for good.

11. Eating fat foods especially junk foods increases cholesterol which in turn increases the density of blood.

12. When the blood density becomes thicker,the blood flow in your blood vessels becomes difficult, which puts considerable impact on your heart, which can be fatal to life.

13. Intake of meat foods, eating junk foods and eating foods at restaurants should be reduced to bring down cholesterol which in turn will help free flow of blood to blood vessels and arteries.

14. Intake of alcohol or smoking cigarettes directly impacts your blood pressure in the process puts considerable pressure on your heart.

15.Increase intake of potassium based foods like sprouts, green vegetables is a absolute must. Plus these intake also helps in getting necessary protein intake to body.  

16. Intake of calcium not only helps in strengthening bones, it also helps in controlling blood pressure,improves better flow of blood to blood vessels.

17.Best way to have calcium is eating citric fruits.

18. Doing physical activities need to be priority especially exercises helps in streamlining your blood pressure to normal and balancing the body especially for stronger heart.

19. Having a deep sound sleep of 5 to 6 hours helps to streamline your heart and brain to balance your blood pressure.

20. Eating right diet is necessary to bring down blood pressure.Include variety of pulses everyday plus more quantity of vegetables especially green vegetables while eating.

Once you follow the above steps it streamlines your heart, strengthens your heart which helps in free flow of blood to your blood vessels which in turn reduces blood pressure, in most cases cures blood pressure problems.

The above steps helps in not having heart attack, stroke, vision loss and kidney or lever damage.

When you get benefited from above steps to streamline your blood pressure, do share it with your friends and family members.

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