Discovered How To Stick To Exercise Routine

Why it is difficult for your start an exercise routine and stick to it even though you have paid for gym membership or any other camps.
When you try to do exercise for the sake of changing your physical appearance, you will fail to move forward.

What is the main ingredient to do exercise everyday?


When you start focusing what exercise can do to your mind than to your appearance then the shift to sticking to your exercise happens.
Focus on how exercise can enhance your mind; increase your productivity and most importantly how it can boost your energy then the tilt towards better living will happen.
Throw away all the fancy weighing machines, measurement apps, calorie specific diet, which will never produce desired motivation.
Keep in mind, well being in life doesn’t happen overnight and there is miracle pill or special gadgets which will help to stick to your exercise habit.
Take one step at a time and observe how exercise is helping you in enhancing your mind.

What to focus when you do exercise?

When you observe how doing exercise is helping your mind to be more relaxed, your communication skills improves better with your family, friends, fellow staff at your working place, all these will help you to be consistent with your exercise regimen.
The tilt towards consistency happens when you start feeling better with your energy level and your productivity improving when you exercise than just focusing for your looks.
Real motivation happen when you observe that you come alive with full of positive vibes when you exercise and not feeling your best when you don’t do your exercise.
When you commit yourself to doing exercising everyday or anything closer to that even if it is for half an hour a day then your energy level will scale up.
If you observe keenly after exercise your creativity and productivity will improve. Then is it not worth it to do your exercise everyday.
When you start exercising regularly, you wake up with ease with clear mind to give your best shot in whatever you are putting effort to.

How exercise alter your mood?

When you shift your focus from how your mood gets elevated than just focusing on appearance when you exercise doesn’t mean you will do your exercise everyday.
That’s where keeping a track everyday in a journal will be helpful about how well your productivity was when you did exercise and how it was when you didn’t.
When you keep a track you will observe in a month’s time you will be doing atleast 5 days of exercise every week and you will be inclined to rack up further.
Applying certain flexibility when you stick to exercise produces better results than not able to complete with rules and measures.

Why it is important to track your exercise routine?

Plus, when you track, it helps you to move forward every day.
When you focus on enhancing your life every day, you will never skip your exercise routine.
When you feel being pleasant when you exercise, you will look forward to experiment with new exercises and body transformation will automatically happen over a period of time.
The high point of doing exercise always needs to be how your energy, productivity going up and getting clarity to your actions in your life.


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