Does Intermittent Fasting Work?

Is Intermittent fasting a fad?

Let’s look into  Mr.Kshitij Khanna weight loss journey, a techie working for IBM.

It works like magic if done the right way as it did for me.

Without going to Gym (only brisk walking for about 45 mins everyday), controlling my diet, I have been able to reduce 72 pounds (33 kgs) in about 5 months, all thanks to Intermittent Fasting.

The first 2–3 weeks are tough, but once you have crossed that barrier then it’s the easiest thing you can do ( Do read if you should do IF as in a few scenarios you can’t but most people can).

I started with 16:8 (16 hours of fast and 8 hours of eating) but have now moved to 18:6 and I feel much more energetic, waste way less time on food and it so flexible with hours that you will never feel trapped, it is the most natural and flexible thing EVER!

I have also attached photos below so that you can see the difference. My parents and friends who were all skeptical initially know the power of intermittent fasting now after looking at my transformation.



Update [22nd September 2019]

I have lost another 10 kgs (in total 41 kgs or 90 pounds and have finally entered the healthy range from BMI perspective).

Intermittent Fasting all the way.. More than happy to help anyone with their journey.

Update [14th Nov 2019]

I am sharing in detail the diet I was following during my weight loss journey.

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IF as I mentioned was the driving force but obviously diet plays an important role. I feel with IF most of the Junk food I used to have at odd hours got chucked out because of the limited eating window (ofcourse discipline is paramount). This is exactly why I feel IF is really helpful with weight loss.

Diet I followed:

  • I always begin my day by consuming 2 glasses of hot water, I feel this helps by detoxifying your body.
  • Next and usually near the end of the my IF fast, I consume a funneled out mixture which was prepared by absorbing Cumin seeds (Jeera), Fennel seeds(Sauf) and Carom seeds(Ajwain) in water the previous night.
  • I then used to consume either of the next 2 drinks on a daily basis (after another 30 mins or so) :
  1. Ginger Garlic Honey Hot Water : I cut some Ginger(Adarakh) and some Garlic(Lehsun), boiled it in water for 15-20 mins, added honey and consumed it, I feel this really helped with the digestion and cutting the fat in the body.
  2. Apple Ginger Honey Hot Water : Cut some apples, some Ginger(Adarakh), boil it in water for 15-20 mins, grind in the mixer grinder to make it in a liquid form, added honey and consume it. I feel this really helped with cutting the belly fat in the body.
  • After the above I used to only have fruits (lots of them, seasonal) and some dry fruits [Almonds(Badam), Cashew(Kaju) , Walnut(Akhrot) and Pistachio(Pista)]. I did this as after a long fast I used to ease in to the eating window and not rush into it.
  • After another hour I used to have home cooked lunch with more vegetables and less Rotis(Indian Bread) to keep a balance. You can replace with rice or bread available in your country. I used to have a lot of Lentils(dals) but anything home cooked did the trick for me.
  • By 5 PM I used to have a cup of Matcha Green Tea followed by a few cups of either green tea or some other teas good for health (atleast I believe so).
  • By 6-7 PM I used to have my dinner, I favored something light like Sprouts, vegetable salad with Paneer (anything light meal) etc…
  • Last I used to consume Flex seed powder (in grinded form, mixed with Jeera powder(Cumin Powder),with water in the night.

Update [16th Nov 2019]

 After hearing about my weight loss journey because of which GQ contacted me and featured me on their site today.

How to lose weight like this guy who lost 41 kgs in 6 months without ever going to the gym.

The above article can give more insight.

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