Does Your Face Look More Attractive When You Lose Weight?

Does Your face look more attractive when you lose weight?


I wasn’t really a big girl but I was just really chubby but overweight (based on my BMI). My scale was always in the range of 65 – 80 kg, my weigh loss journey was a mess as I was soon became obsessed with losing weight soon diagnosed with an eating disorder.

Cut story short! Let the photos tell.

(Yo my tongue pose)

I think growing up, I cared a lot about the physical attributes than the inner core values. My confidence levels were really low, and I hated how I looked, smile, my hair and body. I didn’t like taking photos also! Food was my getaway. So is video games, with the combination that’s where the scale keeps going up and up! I was being bullied a lot and was called names a lot due to my weight which leads to peer pressure into wanting to look “perfect” or “skinny” to be accepted. I was called “giant” or “gemuk” means fat in bahasa melayu.

(Me in my secondary uniform when I was 16)

With fighting the eating disorder and mental health issues, I slowly gain self-awareness and I am more deeper into self-care and love. I have gained much more confidence with my body, mind and soul.

This is me now! At 22 years old, weighing 60kg still but leaner, fitter and healthier. It’s not weight loss that makes your face pretty! But its the ultimate mental healing and alignment that brings the joy and happiness within yourself which also attracts confidence = attractiveness = pretty! ❤️

(Im wearing contact lens now, i do still need my glasses!)


My gratitude to Ms.Nadira Farisah for sharing her story.

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