If You Don’t Lose Extra Body Fat Now-You Will Hate Yourself Later

Losing weight is simple, it’s just not easy.

My transformation.

I had always been a thin person. I was that person who could eat anything, yet never put on any weight. I was also pretty consistent on working out, which actually meant only cardio.

I was not in a habit of watching what I ate, had lot of carbs and processed sugar in my early and mid twenties. Thanks to my metabolism and all the cardio I was putting in, I looked like this.

Then I got pregnant, and this was my evolution

2 months pregnant

9 months pregnant

Overall, I gained 30 kgs. I went from weighing 50 kgs to 80 kgs by the end of my pregnancy.

After Trish was born, a month post-partum I looked like this.

This one is 4 months post-partum

And this is 8 months post-partum

At this point I started my cardio again, but continued with bad eating habits. I was not having enough water and eating a lot of processed food and sugars.

This is me 1 year post-partum

This is when I realized that old ways were not working. My brother has been in weight training for a very long time now, and finally I was ready to take his advice and make a sustainable change to not only look thin, but be healthier.

I started counting my macros, and moved to Pilates and yoga and occasional weight training. I didn’t completely move away from cardio, but reduced it. Additionally, I started watching my water intake and completely removed processed sugars from my foods.

This is me 18 months post-partum

I continued with my exercise and nutrition routine, I feel healthier than ever, I can walk long distances, I have more toned body than I have ever had in my life.

This is me recently, 2 years post-partum

Losing weight is simple, it’s just not easy.

Don’t be extreme, be consistent.

My gratitude to Ms.Shivee Chauhan for sharing valuable insight.

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