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How Obesity Can Increase One’s Chances Of Getting Cancer?

Many people are aware that Obesity creates havoc to cardiovascular ailments,diabetes, hyper tension, high blood pressure. Not many are aware how Obesity is a risk factor which leads to cancer especially in women to breast cancer.

Plenty of studies has been done to prove that fat tissues in the body are risk factors for number of cancers including kidney, pancreatic, colorectal.

Those with Body Mass Index(BMI) of over 40 are at greater risk of getting digestive tract cancer and breast cancer.

Obesity is quite a worrisome risk when it comes in postmenopausal women. This is because of higher Oestrogen levels in women at this age.

Having fat tissues in the body raises oestrogen levels. Also, women who are overweight tend to have higher level of insulin, another hormone deficiency which makes it a risk factor to some of the cancers ailments especially breast cancer.

According to US based National Institutes of Health(NIH), postmenopausal women who are obese have 40% increase in risk of getting breast cancer compared with women of normal weight.

In US plenty of studies has been done on more that 3.5 million women which indicates that higher BMI leads to breast cancer in a big way.

Many hospitals in US have also found out from their studies that Obesity is a strong risk factor for breast cancer among women irrespective of menopause.

Lack of awareness are leading people to unhealthy lifestyle, aspirational eating and lack of cancer awareness which are proving to be dangerous combinations and left unchecked could lead to bigger epidemic.

Everyone has to raise their awareness that Obesity not only leads to heart ailments, stroke, diabetes and hyper-tension but also leads to all kinds of cancer.

The solution, not only in spreading awareness about the risk but also following healthy practices and putting preventive measures.

Tips to prevent Obesity:

A comprehensive solutions is required towards weight gain issues. Maintaining ideal body weight through exercise, balanced diet and quitting unhealthy lifestyle practices such as smoking, excessive alcohol consumption,eating junk foods needs to be top  priority.

How to reduce risk of breast cancer in women?

1.Cut down on alcohol.

2.Quit smoking.

3.Maintain healthy body weight.

4.Exercise regularly.

5.Avoid sodas and aerated drinks at all cost.

6.Avoid junk food.

7. Avoid sweet foods.

8. Avoid anything related to milk products.

9.Regular risk assessment in women with significant family history.

10.Follow screening protocols-all women above the age of 40 years should undergo screening mammogram once a year.

11.Preferable to have vegetarian diet.

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