Don't mess with bad-ass mom's daughter

Don’t Mess With Bad-Ass Mom’s Daughter!



My 12-year-old daughter used to have a hard time making friends and was often bullied.
One day at school she mentioned that I was at the race track that day driving my BMW race car.
She had pictures, but some of the kids didn’t believe her and started teasing her and saying that she was a liar (probably because I’m a mom, and most moms definitely don’t do things like that).

This went on for a few days and a couple boys on her bus were relentless.

So, even though I hate confrontation, I decided to pick her up at the BOYS’ bus stop, with instructions for my daughter to get off the bus there as well.

Well, when those boys got off that bus and saw me standing there in front of my race car, you can bet their mouths dropped.

My daughter got off the bus and came over to me.

I was staring the boys down. Without breaking eye contact, I asked her if those were the boys that were teasing her.

She said yes. I then said, “So you are the ones who are teasing my daughter?

Seems you don’t know as much as you think you know.

I better NEVER hear of you teasing her again, do you understand?!”

They both said, “Yes, Ma’am!” and walked away with their tails between their legs.

She hasn’t had any problems since.


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