How to get rid of postpartum fat?

Easiest Way to Tone Your Postpartum Fat At Home!


I weighed 82kgs post delivery after 6 monts.

I decided to start slow as my stamina was extremely poor.

I couldn’t climb beyond 10 stairs, I was barely able to walk for 10 minutes.

I used to eat when I am stressed usually binge on high calorie desserts or processed junk.

To top it all my sleep habits were erratic thanks to this tiny human.

It all started with my sister coaxing me to join the gym.

I went to the gym and took my BMI Reading.

Needless to say I was shocked and embarrassed.

The total fat percentage in my body was 41% and my metabolic age was 54 years (I was 35 when I did this) 🙈

I do not like gym workouts, so I thought let me re-assess my diet and start moving around.

First few months :

Brisk walking twice a day and only home cooked food.

I wanted to diet but I could not since I was breastfeeding.

I dropped 4 kilos in 3 months.

But I was still wearing XXL Clothing trying to hide all that fat!

Next few months :

Continued walking, ate healthy home cooked meals and gave up sugar.

By the time baby was 1 year old I had dropped 5 kilos.

5 kilos in 1 year not a great achievement but at least the scale was moving downwards.

Once the baby was off breastfeed I got a freehand to alter my diet plan.

I started reading up on smart ways to lose weight.

So this is what I did. My baby was nearing two by then.

I started Intermittent Fasting (16:8)

What I ate :

Breakfast was mostly water (lots like min 1.5 litres) and ghee coffee (I blend black coffee without sugar with 1 tsp cows ghee till it gets frothy).

Post 20 mins I do my 45–60 min workout.

Lunch (12 noon) Snack (4 pm) and Dinner (7:30 pm) .

All my meals were balanced with proteins, healthy fats, fibre and low on carbs.

I substituted chappatis with 1 roti made off ragi, bajra or sorghum.

My lunch and dinner looked like this. I cook only in home made ghee.


Evenings :

I had black coffee with 2 tbsp milk (no sugar) and a handful of nuts.

My mom made me these dry fruit laddoos (just nuts, ragi and dates).

Some times I ate two of them with a banana or any fruit.

Laddoos I currently eat:

These have dates, flax-chia-pumkin seeds, and almonds and a dash of coconut.


Workouts :

Slow jog 45 min (3 times a week).

Other days I followed home workouts.

When I started, the first two weeks were extremely painful, my body was sore, I walked like I had something between my legs 🤭

Squatting on a commode was painful, getting up even more painful.

Aah the list was endless…

But with pain also came gain – strength, endurance, stamina, performance…

Lastly sleep:

I switch off and I’m in bed by 10 pm – 6 am (8 hours of good sleep).

That’s me trying to finish off with my tiny instructor shouting 1,2,3.

It took me 5 months to reach here.

I currently weigh 64 kilos, this is work in progress, I haven’t reached my ideal weight yet.

It’s a journey… which one has to keep going!

Good luck !


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