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Drooling cake recipe

So the cake part is white cake with chocolate chips added.

The recipe is the “best white cake ever” from Add a Pinch but I reduced it by a third and added 1/2 cup mini chocolate chips.

The chocolate chip cookie layers are the “cookie cake” from Garnish and Glaze.

The only thing I did different is that I baked it in a 9 by 13 instead.

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The chocolate chip cookie dough filling (seen below and above the cookie) is essentially an eggless cookie dough and it’s the “cookie dough frosting” from the cookie dough cake recipe from Liv for cake.

I only made 1/3rd of the recipe. The outside frosting is “Favorite vanilla buttercream” from Sallys baking addiction.

All cakes are made with 3 layers of chocolate chip cake, 2 layers of cut out chocolate chip cookie with cookie dough filling above and below the cookies and then iced with the vanilla buttercream.

The largest candle is 3 4″ cakes, second largest candle and the smallest candle are made from a (very well cleaned) olive can and tomato paste can. You can bake in a cleaned tin can – just clean it very well and make sure there are no chemical residues.

So the cakes were built (with a dowel for stabilization) and iced very smooth.

Then put them in the fridge or freezer to chill and melt 6 oz white chocolate candy melts or Guittard chocolate wafers.

Add 1 oz warm water and keep stirring until smooth.

It will not seize! It is called a water ganache.

Drip the ganache over the sides and then chill.

Do it again maybe 2 or 3 times to make it look a bit layered.

Stick in the wick or use a white birthday candle to make the candle complete.

Questions and answers for the cake making:

1.What did you do to get the actual candle thread in the cake?

I had a few wicks from making candles so I just stuck it in the top, trimmed it, and lit it. But if you don’t have a wick, you can trim some of the wax from white birthday candle and use that 🙂

2.Is that fondant or icing? Or something else…

It is just vanilla american buttercream.

3.What did you use for the flame on top?

I had some wicks left over from making candles so I stuck one in the center of each, trimmed them, and lit them 🙂

4.Is double chocolate just twice the amount of chocolate than the recipe asks for, or is it something else?

I meant there are two types of chocolate chip cookie dough, like there are 2 layers of chocolate chip cookie cake and 4 layers of the eggless chocolate chip cookie dough.

Sometimes it refers to a chocolate base like a chocolate cookie or cake with another chocolate component like chocolate chips.

What did you do to get the frosting that candle color? Was it the natural color of the frosting you used? And are the drips a white chocolate ganache used for a drip?

Yes, that is the natural color of the vanilla frosting I used. The drips are made of a white chocolate ganache. I used a water ganache made with 6 oz melted white guittard wafers or wilton candy melts and 1 oz warm water. It won’t seize so don’t worry! The drips being candy melts mean they were really white so it makes the cake look sort of ivory/candle color in comparison. I’m sure you could use a normal white chocolate ganache—I just wanted it to be a bit firmer so the drips would stack well.


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