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Here Is Why Lack of Parenting Awareness Ruin Children Life

Parents influence on child personality

Just imagine 20 years back daughter being 6 to 8 years  old.

Father commands to his daughter: You must not talk to those children who score below 5th rank in your class.

Mingling with the child who scored 6th rank is also not allowed!

You have to be the topper!

You have to focus only in your studies and you must be the best!

‘Ordinary’ is not in your dictionary!

Let’s analyse daughter’s emotional status today, she is all grown up woman….

She has a set of rules, belief systems, framework within which people must fit.

Otherwise she becomes uncomfortable in their company.

She finds ways to escape a gathering, get together or a party if the people or the occasion doesn’t fit into her specifications.

Not open to even understand a person.

Has no friends, doesn’t gel with her colleagues and facing troubles in the relationship as well!

Feels suffocated that she’s a prisoner in her own Mind!

I had an opportunity to talk to this beautiful lady yesterday. And the first thought that came to my mind was…

‘What kind of an effect a GOOD PARENTING would have had on this person?

How her Life could have been different?’

‘As a Parent, our responsibility is only to create a happy individual who can have the ability to THINK for self!

Help them grow their Wings and guide them to fly without FEAR!

Nurture them with Love!

And, Be the SUPPORT throughout their Life, come what may!

Parenting is not just giving birth to a child…..rather, it is to understand another human being and help them grow into better aware individual!

It requires the Parents to have better awareness, who can nurture the Child!

Are you up for the challenge – to be the Aware Parent?


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