How 11 Facts Will Change The Way You Approach Fitness?

I remember when I used to eat only chicken and brown rice.

I thought I looked good and fit.

In fact I used to play soccer so much, that I had a short professional run!

Lifting weights and eating “clean” was part of my routine…

But then, I started doing research on my own. Then, everything changed.

It hit me like a hammer.

I realized that most of the stuff I read online was all a sack of lies in order to sell products and spread false information.

Let me tell you about the 10 most common myths out there. In fact I’ll throw 1 more for fun.

1. Carbs make you fat, specially after dark.

Actually, eating a lot and not moving enough is what makes you fat. There is no such thing as a fattening food, only a food with a lot of calories in it, that pushes you to a caloric surplus.

2. Eating fat will make you fat.

It’s funny when the industry says this, because you need fat to burn fat, especially women. Avocados, salmon and nuts, have great dietary fats in them.

3. These exercises tone your body.

Every fitness “expert” favorite word; toning. There is no difference between building muscle and “toning.” It’s just a word to try to lure women to buy fitness products.

4. Eating frequently helps you lose fat.

It doesn’t. Eating more often will just make you control your appetite. In the end, meal frequency has no effect on how much fat you can burn.

5. Women shouldn’t lift heavy.

Another big lie. Heavy weight lifting will not make women bulky! If anything, it can help build a great athletic body.

6. Squats are bad for your knees.

Doing squats the wrong way is. Any exercise done the wrong way will be bad for you somehow. Squats are a great exercise, and when done properly it can be one of the best movements out there.

7. The “12 week program” that will make you shredded.

It doesn’t take 12 weeks, it takes longer and it is a test of discipline. You have to be consistent if you want to see results.

8. Avoid gluten at all costs.

Unless you are gluten sensitive or have celiac disease, there isn’t any underlying factor why you should avoid it. This goes with any other food; the end goal is to have a healthy “relationship” with how much you eat.

9. More cardio/sweating means more fat burned.

Cardio should be used as a tool to help you lose fat, but it isn’t the only way. Too much cardio will actually “burn” muscle, too. Also, how much you sweat doesn’t correlate with fat burned; you can lift heavy, not sweat much, but still burn more calories than jumping on the treadmill!

10. “Clean” eating.

You see all these fitness trainers doing “meal preps” with tilapia and broccoli, yet there isn’t an actual definition of what clean eating is. There is no such thing as clean eating, nor will it make you burn fat or help you build muscle.

11. Eat anything and still look good!

Yes, exactly.

Imagine eating that ice cream and molten lava brownie and still have a 6 pack.


I eat whatever I want and still I’m able to look good and be healthy.

It’s called flexible dieting, in where I know exactly what I’m eating, and how much of it I need to change my body.

I highly recommend you do the same thing. You’ll learn the nutritional value of food, and you’ll be able to look as good as you want!

Eat anything as in, eat whatever you like to eat as long as you meet your caloric, macronutrient, and micronutrient requirements, depending on your goal.

Fortunately for us, there are a ton of different of foods we can eat in order to achieve those “goals;” hence the term “eat anything.

My gratitude to Mr.Augosto A. Vidales Martelo, Fitness coach and Business Adviser.

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