How Can You Get Out of A Sedentary Lifestyle?

Sedentary lifestyles are now proven to be associated with early death because of lack of activity.

Inactivity is the silent killer which results in diabetes, cancer, obesity, cardiovascular ailments and high blood pressure.

Back problem will become a major issue which will cripple your mobility.

Maximum negative impact of sedentary lifestyle happens on mental health which leads to more complications.


An active lifestyle can help in reducing mental health ailments, early death issues and chronic pains.

Any form of exercise whether it is exercise or sports can help you reduce your obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular ailments and early death.

People who are into regular exercise hardly had any health issues comparing to people who didn’t.

You can try combinations of exercises for your over all well-being.

Besides, physical activities like exercises it is important to come out of your sedentary lifestyles by adopting following suggestions:

  • Taking stairs instead of using the elevator.
  • Taking phone calls outside and keep walking when talking.
  • Taking a walk during coffee break.
  • Move around your office or around your house block for little walk.
  • Have a fresh air walk instead of watching television or playing video games.
  • Take public transport wherever possible and travel standing.
  • Whenever possible walk to your office.
  • Do gardening or DIY projects.
  • Gardening has more therapeutic values as you are connecting to earth more and it relieves you most of your allergies.

More impact of what sedentary lifestyle can bring on to you:

Sedentary lifestyle besides all the health issues which you might face, will also lead to less productivity.

Bad relationship issues because your sex life takes a nose dive.

You will have disturbed sleep which will lead to more lethargic.

Sedentary lifestyle also leads to loss of memory which will lead to lack of focus in life.

You will have disturbed mind which will lead to fear, anxiety, stress and depression.


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