How Fat Is Burned During Exercise?

Just because calories count, doesn’t mean you should count your calories.

Exercise plays crucial role in your fat-loss journey than just burning calories.

Exercise stimulates various physiological parameters which helps your body to burn the fat.


Basically, exercise helps body to burn your fat more than you store, even after you completed your workout.

Exercise enhances your sensitivity towards insulin.

Insulin is not just blood sugar hormone; insulin becomes store house for your hormones.

Insulin affects your physiological parameters in your body and plays crucial role in fat, protein and carbohydrate metabolism.

Insulin promotes fat storage and blocks fat burning.

To reduce your body fat you have to maintain insulin at lower levels except for occasional surge when you have your food.

When you become sensitive to insulin through exercise, more body fat you will burn.

When you do full body workout, it improves your insulin sensitivity.

Exercise stimulates non-insulin mediated glucose.

Non-insulin mediated glucose transports the glucose to pump into your muscles from your blood vessels.

Insulin is another gateway for the glucose to flow, if it is functioning properly.

Unfortunately, most of the people are insulin resistance thanks to diabetes ailments which blocks the pumping of glucose to their body.

When you do your body weight training or strength training, non-insulin mediated glucose gets stimulated effectively.

When glucose gets pumped into your muscle cell freely, there is no need for you to go through the hardship of insulin cost.

Keep in mind when insulin is high it stores fat and blocks your fat burning.

That’s where non-insulin mediated glucose helps in reducing your fat when you exercise.

Glycogen is the store house of glucose in muscles.

Exercise depletes muscle glycogen to pump in fresh glucose to your muscle cell from your blood vessels.

Any layman can understand that your body needs fresh glucose to your muscle cell to keep your blood flow active for better health.

For all practical purposes, it’s important that you do full body workouts to get your glucose stimulated and blood flows freely.

Everybody are aware that exercise plays important role in your muscle growth and strength.

When you workout, your muscle gets stimulated, burns body fat and leads to overall improvement to your body composition.

Your glycogen storage capacity improves when you start doing your exercise so that your body muscles start absorbing glucose from the food you eat.

Your exercise stimulates endocrine properties which defines your muscles better in the process will lead to health benefits.

You can get the maximum nutritious from the food which you eat when your exercise puts it to maximum use.

Instead of your food getting converted to body fat, your exercise can convert carbohydrates from the glycogen.

Exercise is not about the calories you burn during exercise.

Exercise helps you to be conscious of eating nutritious food which will automatically cut down calories.

Exercise converts your food to fuel your body with energy and burns your body fat.

You will be surprised to know even 15 to 30 minutes of exercise gets the metabolism working overtime and burns the fat.

The fat burned lasts for atleast 20 to 24 hours before you start the next workout session.

Basically, exercise uses your body to utilize the calories you consume to fuel your energy and burn fat effectively.

The human body has various moving parts and your workout can make your metabolism stimulate to keep your body to maximum utilization.


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