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How Can You Stop Your Teenage Daughter Getting Pregnant?

My counselor friend gave following suggestions to her client on how to handle the situation when her teenage daughter wanted to get pregnant.

Tell her you have an experiment you want to run for the next six weeks, and if she passes it, you will happily support her decision to have a baby.


  • Wake her up multiple times each night by playing a very loud recording of a baby crying. Refuse to turn it off until she’s in tears herself.
  • Throw sour milk on her at random moments to simulate baby puke. As soon as she’s finished changing, do it again.
  • Take most of the money from her purse and remind her she had to buy diapers, baby wipes, pacifiers, and cereal.
  • Draw on her most treasured possessions.
  • Ask her “why” five hundred times in a row.
  • Take her to the grocery store and throw a temper tantrum in the middle of the soup aisle.
  • Play the same Peppa Pig cartoon on a loop for the next six weeks.
  • Hide her phone every time she puts it down.
  • Scatter toys all over her room. Make sure to put them in her bed, too.
  • Go out with her on every date and outing with her friends. Demand constant attention. Cry loudly if they try to talk. Throw that sour milk on her nice outfit. Make her pay for a “sitter” if she argues that’s what she’d do. Then call her constantly while she’s out with reports on ear aches, fevers, or refusal to eat.

A powerful bonus tip suggested by my friend is to do meditation for six months without break which has done wonders both for teenagers and parents alike in their life.

Meditation has helped in giving clarity, higher energy level to focus on better things in life instead of getting pregnant as a teenager.

Meditation has helped millions of people to come out of their mess in life. 


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