How Exercise Helped Me to Eat Healthier Food?

When I started working out at gym, I was not aware that exercise will guide me to have healthy food habits.

That was 37 years back and my workout and being healthy is still going strong.

It always surprises them when I tell them my real age, even though they felt I look half that age.

Regular exercise can make you feel that way and more.


I have seen lots of people who work out with me for few months and suddenly drop out thinking they can go on a diet and get into better shape faster.

Unfortunately, it never happens as they start eating more junk after few days which make them heavier.

Some of them come back to the gym after couple of years after realizing the reality.

Unfortunately, most of them don’t come out of their wrong ways in life and end up being heavier and full of health problems.

When I started working out I was eating my regular food along with some junk foods.

Even though my body was shaping up well, my abs was not shaping according to my expectation.

Plus, because my eating habit was not healthy, I was lethargic and didn’t have the necessary energy to carry out most of my tasks.

One thing, I was consistent with was 5 days workout every week which helped to slowly start understand about my body.

When I started understanding my body better, my focus shifted to eating healthier food to improve my shape and to have more energy.

I was never fond of aerated drinks or sodas. But I used to take that stuff when I used to take couple of drinks, every week.

In a span of a year my intake of drinks came down and along with it eating junk food.

I became more conscious about kind of food goes into my body and what quantity is necessary to make my body more energetic.

Once, my workout started becoming more intense, my choice of eating foods also became healthier.

When I became fitter and any dress I wore brought in compliments, it psychologically boosted my mind to improve better.

Consistency, coupled with sensible eating, started producing better results in my life.

My sleep improved, my focus improved, my energy improved, in the process, my productivity improved.

Exercising enhances my mind by rewiring my brain to feel better.

It has not only helped me but thousands of people who have worked out with me all these years to take the body and mind to better possibilities.

Just eating healthy food alone cannot bring in better health as I have seen people dropping out of their diet system within short period of time and not being healthy.

People who have combined exercise and eating healthy food have remained healthy which makes them younger looking for years.

When I work out, I feel happier which brings in more positive consequences in my life.

Why should I miss out being happy and healthy? Well, is it not everybody’s wish too?


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