How To Avoid Fatigue By Switching Off Your Phone Before Bed?

Couple of my staff members in my company improved their wellness within few days after they decided not to use phone before going to bed.

Even though they were quite component to handle their work, they were consistently feeling fatigue.

Consistent fatigue impacted their work, in the process productivity, which was affecting my business too.

Instead of removing them from their job, I decided to interact with them and find out how I can help them if they are willing to change.

I found out their life style is totally in a mess.


When they head back home after work most of their time is spent watching various social media, watching movies or soap operas through their phone.

Even when they go to bed, they keep watching various programs through their mobile phone.

This made them to sleep very late into night or early morning.

Their getting up in the morning also will be late and they will be rushing into my office both stressed and tired as they haven’t done any simple exercise or eating healthy breakfast.

All these things lead to more stress and fatigue for them.

Their relationship with their husbands and kids were also taking a toll as there were no happy moments to share with each other.

I suggested keeping their phone away atleast an hour before going to sleep and spend more time with their family, by communicating with each other.

In the morning, I told them to have bowl of fruits before coming to office.

In couple of week’s time, I could see considerable changes in their attitude.

They were more focused on their job and more cheerful in their approach.

After a month’s time, they came and told me they feel more energetic now day a day.

They have deep sleep and get up refreshed in the morning.

They go for walk around their house block after getting up from bed.

Their relationship with their husbands improved and also with their kids.

They feel their anxiety, fear and stress have almost vanished.

Now they are game to take up more responsibilities in their work and asked me give them raise to their salary provided they bring down company’s expenses.

I gladly agreed to their terms provided they brought better results to the company in six month’s time.

I am happy I took the right step of not firing these efficient staff by guiding them in the right direction.

I am happy it has helped somebody’s life by addressing their solution instead of focusing their problems.

My staff issue is universal now a day.

If you are one of them affected by the influence of your phone, do take the suggestions and lead a better life instead of being a slave to your gadgets.


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