How To Have Enviable Body With Weight Training?

For past few years, I see more women members joining  the gym where I work out, which is a welcome change.

I have been advocating that women should do workout for than 25 years and I am happy women are showing interest in improving their health and fitness in a big way now a days.

When women do their exercise, it not only helps in reducing weight or getting into better shape, it helps in improving their lung functionality.


Once, the blood flows through your body cells, inflammation comes down, in turn, keeps you away from injuries.

Workout also helps in strengthening muscles and bones, in turn, prevents injuries.

Heart ailments gets reduced, diabetes comes down, sugar level gets streamlined, blood pressure gets balanced when you workout.

Early days there were misconception that women who do strength training will develop masculine muscles.

It’s only a myth as the hormones of men and women are different and women will never bulk up unless, they take steroids to boost their muscle size.

Women who do strength training can develop well defined body.

Once, women understand their hormonal cycle and do the necessary weight training according to the cycle they will not only be fit but also healthy.

Muscle fiber for men and women also varies considerably because of their hormonal development once they get into their teens.

Structure of women body is such that they can carry more fat muscles, which they can convert it into energy and bringing down fatigue situations.

Since, women are capable of multitasking and used to more work, it is preferable to train them to go beyond their limitations to get desired muscle strength and body shape.

For women based on their menstrual cycle, the hormonal changes will affect their body and their moods changes drastically.

Based on their menstrual cycle, they can vary the intensity of their training to get right workout for their muscles.

As mentioned earlier the hormones of men and women are different and muscle strength will be higher for men.

Muscle gets strengthen only when men and women do strength training.

Otherwise, there is not much difference between men and women muscle strength.

Women bone density becomes weaker faster comparing to men because of their hormonal changes at various stages of their life.

To improve bone mass and strength, it is advisable, women to take up strength training.

Weight training helps women to strengthen bone density and keeps them away from Osteoporosis ailments.

Women, who do weight training, can balance their body better and keep themselves fitter.


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