The Amazing Secret of How You Can Be Healthy Women

Start your day with lemon water instead of coffee.

Roll over to the right side of the bed and get up from the bed in the morning.

Stand straight for few seconds before you start your day.

Give a big smile before getting up from bed.

Convey your gratitude for whatever life you are enjoying.

Having healthy breakfast to kick-start your day is a must.


Drink atleast 3 liters of water every day. Hydrating your body is a must as your body consist of 72% water.

Drink one glass of water half an hour before eating food. It will streamline your digestive system.

Avoid sitting in front of the screen for more than an hour.

Take a break for couple of minutes every hour from the screen, even if you have to complete any project.

Sound sleep of 6 hours is quite sufficient to keep you energetic.

Eat whole wheat, red or brown rice. Avoid refined grains.

Reduce sugar intake.

Replace sweet craving with fruits intake.

One serving of food a day need to be only fresh vegetables or fruits.

If you are below 30 years of age eat 3 times a day. If you are above 30 years of age eat only 2 times.

For evening snacks, eat nuts, which is not only nutritious, helps in hair growth and keeps your skin glowing.

Do atleast one hour of exercise, every day. It could be yoga and meditation, gym workout, or any form of exercise or sports which you like.

Give a break to laptop, phone or any gadgets for a day in a week.

Spend your time in nature which is more beautiful and fascinating.

Laugh a lot. Laugh with your loved ones or friends’ every day.

Keep challenging yourself every day by setting goals and going beyond. The step will help in going beyond your limitations.

One of the highest harmful diseases in USA comes from being addicted to smoking. Stop smoking is a must and being away from the smokers, all the more better.

Leafy vegetables and greens need to be your everyday intake of food as it has got antioxidants to improve your immunity.

Walk wherever you can. Climb stairs at office, instead of taking lifts, park the car away from grocery shop and go to the shop, take a small walk for 10 minutes during lunch hour.

Having fruits instead of juice is more beneficial. Have atleast one bowl of fruits and salads, everyday.

Minimize caffeinated drinks. If you feel like, drink green tea or herbal tea which has many benefits.

Bring down eating non-vegetarian food as much as possible. If you feel like it have fish items.

Meditate whenever you get a chance for few minutes to relax your body and mind.

Listen to soothing music after meditation or before going to sleep.

Limit your time with social media groups especially, before going to sleep.

Spend as much time as possible with your loved ones, by being joyful.

Best way to take charge of what you are eating is to track everything which you put into your mouth and observe how it has reacted to your body.

Go to sleep early preferably by 10 p.m and get up by 5 a.m next day.

Keep your spine straight when you are sitting on a chair whether at your work space or at your home. It has got to be a conscious action.

Stop watching TV atleast 30 minutes before going to sleep and spend time with your family or play with your kids.

Always maintain a well dressed appearance by wearing nice dress, walking and sitting straight.

Keep a clean atmosphere around you whether at home or at your office, which will help you to take charge of your life.

While walking never use smartphone or keep looking at it. Look straight; observe what is happening around you especially people.

Give a smile to a stranger or a known person. That will brighten their day.

Like improving your body, keep improving your mind too to go beyond your limitations.

Spend more time with people who focus on improving themselves and who keep working on solutions.

Jot down ideas, visualize it and keep implementing to enhance your life.

The more you work on your mind through meditation, it will give better clarity, which will lead to better actions and better actions leads to better productivity.

Instead of watching TV, read some books which will enhance your creativity and improve your memory.

Having smoothies of leafy vegetables mixing with ginger, turmeric, wheat grass, pepper, coriander, carrot, beetroot, pomegranate, pineapple can improve your immunity considerably.

When you are implementing new healthy habits, apply it for 45 days to see improvement in your life, before it becomes part of your life process.


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